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SCEEMP. Terms of Website Use.

  1. Copying information posted on www.regmed.ru (as well as citations in the media or other information or messages contained in the information sections of the website of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific center of expertise of medical application» of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation) shall be permitted provided that reference to the source of this information (network media hyperlinks to the relevant web page with a unique url).
  2. Information resources available with www.regmed.ru are the state property of the Russian Federation, unless otherwise stipulated by the law on information, Informatization and protection of information. These information resources include information on open access, which can not be treated as confidential information subject to protection in accordance with the legislation on state secrets. This information cannot be regarded as an object for use in commercial purposes.
  3. When clicking on a hyperlink posted on the website, external to www.regmed.ru information resources the user leaves the web site of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. Site edition of «SCEMAP» of Russia is not responsible for the accuracy of the information components external to www.regmed.ru information resources, as well as updating and the update of relevant information in their structure.
  4. Individuals and/or organizations wishing to place a hyperlink to the website of «SCEMAP» in order to use as part of the information (content) the structure of your Internet resource (for example, in the directory providing for the reconstruction of the text, either in the form of independent thematic headings, etc), as well as graphic links (banner) must notify the administration of the site.
  5. When placing graphical links (banners) can be used only graphical elements agreed in writing with the administration of the site.
  6. The owners of the network resources to which hyperlinks on the Internet site of «SCEMAP» for the purposes specified in p.5:
    • not allowed to change the standard view in the viewer (browser) or otherwise limit or you can modify the content of www.regmed.ru,
    • are not allowed to provide false information in connection with the provision of hyperlinks to www.regmed.ru,
    • may not be placed on web pages that contain hyperlinks to www.regmed.ru information or other materials that are not relevant to the purposes and principles of the functioning of the Internet presence of «SCEMAP».
  7. Issues related to use of information posted on www.regmed.ru or the terms of this Notice may be directed to the administration of the website or in the Press-service of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

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